Tru-Tec NDT are the leading providers of electromagnetic inspection across the UK.

The electromagnetic method is utilised using Eddy Current Testing and Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM).

Eddy Current techniques involve a primary magnetic field being created along the primary coil and induced into the test material in turn inducing the eddy currents and a secondary magnetic field into the material. Under normal circumstances (no discontinuities) the Eddy currents will flow freely, however if a discontinuity is present the eddy currents are forced to flow around the discontinuity thus changing the characteristics of the primary coil, which is represented on the eddy current set. Eddy current Techniques can be used for:

1. coating thickness checks

2. conductivity measurements

3. Surface Inspection

ACFM works on electromagnetic principles, however it uses theoretical models in order to depth crack sizing. Technicians will obtain scan information and asses the butterfly plot, which is created by the Bx & Bz relationships the, Bx & Bz data will create a butterfly plot if a crack is present.

ACFM can also be used on thicker non-conductive coatings (up to 5mm).

Rope access and advanced testing techniques such as ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement).

The efficiency of inspection can be increased by using an array probe. Electromagnetic Inspection enables an effective and efficient test to be carried out, reducing the need for paint removal and lengthy delays caused by shut downs on busy thorough ways.

All areas of concern are then verified using MPI and the relevant MPI Acceptance criteria is applied in localised areas.

Our inspections have been introduced to footbridges, railway bridges, highway agency bridges and cranes across the UK. For further information on how Tru-Tec NDT can provide you with a start to finish services please contact us via:

Tel: 01709231700

Email: [email protected]

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