The Liquid Penetrant Inspection was performed in accordance with ASTM E1417 and the results reviewed using the acceptance criteria ASTM A962 S57.

The Inspection method referenced, Liquid Penetrant, was carried out to an approved Tru-Tec ASNT level III Procedure/technique:

· Fluorescent Penetrant

· Type I Method A. sensitivity Level 2,

· Form A developer process

The activities were completed under an accredited ISO 9001 QMS and arrangements by a qualified and certified SNT-TC-1A Level II PT Technician as detailed in E 1417.

The technical aspects included:

· calibrated drying oven not exceeding 71⁰C

· light intensity for viewing =1570μW/cm2.

· Water temperature = 15°C

· hydro-air nozzles air pressure did not exceed 25 psi.

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