Applications For Visual Inspections

  • The most critical and useful examinations Visual Inspection is complementary to all NDT Methods and is the first stage of examination, irrespective of the method to be performed, surfaces subjected to MT, PT, VT, ET or UT are visually inspected, this inspection confirms the surface is free from damage, residue from previous processes and which would stop the inspection from being performed, before consultation with the client for remedial work to be considered
  • The visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum allows for critical inspection of components.
  • Inspections must be performed using adequate lighting normally >500 lux and above for the human eye to detect fine surface irregularities, however the use of RVI, magnifiers, borescopes & weld gauges will result in an accurate inspection in difficult to access areas.
  • Visual Inspection is applied to forged, cast and welded fabrications in all industry sectors