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Wire Rope and Cable Examination


Thorough wire rope and cable examinations regulated by Lolar.

Tru-Tec NDT performs wire rope inspection in accordance with LOLER regulations.

Tru-Tec NDT provides:

Traditional wire rope inspection techniques do not adequately establish the internal condition of a wire rope. For rotation resistant, multi-strand ropes, difficulties in assessing the internal condition are of concern. Degradation of the inner strands will affect the distribution of forces in the rope, which significantly reduces the ultimate load bearing capacity and increases the torsional moments on the outer strands, reducing fatigue life.

Tru-Tec NDT utilizes the latest cable inspection equipment to ensure 100% coverage of cable inspection detecting localised faults such as wire breaks and any loss in metallic area (LMA) caused by internal corrosion.

Magnetic Rope Testing can be applied to In-Service & Pre-Service wire ropes, with inspections recorded and results stored to enable comparisons between inspections for future examinations.

Magnetic Rope Testing is applied to a variety of sectors such as Lifts, Cranes, Amusement Devices, Gondolas.

Tru-Tec-NDT Professional Conventional and Advanced Non Destructive Testing Solutions Inspections South Yorkshire Crane Inspection 2

Tru-Tec NDT performs non-destructive testing examinations to specific instructions. These are written into a comprehensive range of technical procedures/technique sheets which are ISO 9712 & ASNT Level III approved, continually revised and updated with the latest revisions of the referenced standards. For specific projects, technical procedures are developed for each individual test in accordance with the referenced contractual code and standard.